Kaspersky 卡巴斯基 Internet Security 2019 [KIS] 1 用戶 3 年 盒裝版 [繁中及英文]


HK $458.00

  • 產品型號 : B2C_KIS-MD 1U 3Y DL
  • 產品品牌 : Kaspersky
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Kaspersky Internet Security

Premium Protection for Your Digital Life

Every time you pick up your mobile or log onto your computer – there are real, digital dangers.
Kaspersky Internet Security – with premium protection helps protect your communications, block threats, guard your privacy, and protect your money – every aspect of your digital life.
Kaspersky Internet Security為你的電腦提供桌超防護,保護你的通訊、攔截網絡威脅、保護私隱和財產,全方位保護你的數碼生活。

 System Watcher defends against ransomwares and rollback malicious actions
 Safe Money protects data during online financial transactions
 Anti-Banner blocks dangerous and annoying banner ads
 Web-cam Protection prevents unauthorized, remote access to your PC webcam’s video & audio
 系統監控功能防護加密勒索軟件並回逆破壞行為
 網上安全付款技術為網上金融交提供額外保護
 廣告橫幅防護封鎖惡意及擾人的廣告橫幅
 網絡攝影機防護禁止未授權及遙距存取PC的網絡攝影機偷拍和錄音

* Some product features might work on specific operating systems only, more details and system requirements are available at www.kaspersky.com.hk.
* 部份功能只支援指定操作系統,詳情及系統需求資料請瀏覽www.kaspersky.com.hk。


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