Kaspersky 卡巴斯基 Total Security 2019 1 用戶 2 年 盒裝版 (Windows / Mac / Android)


HK $469.00

  • 產品型號 : Kaspersky 2019 KTS 1u2y
  • 產品品牌 :
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Kaspersky Total Security

Ultimate Protection for Your Family’s Digital World

We’ll help you do more to protect your family’s digital world – whenever they surf, shop, socialize or stream.
Kaspersky Total Security – an extra levels of privacy protection help keep everyone out of harm’s way, securely storing password & key documents, for safer access to online accounts & favorite websites, protecting import files & precious memories, and helping your kids explore and learn in the digital world, without fear of digital dangers.
Kaspersky Total Security為你提供額外一重私隱防護,協助家人遠離網絡威脅,包括安全地保管密碼和重要文件、更安全地登入帳號和喜愛的網站、保護重要的檔案和珍貴的回憶、和協助孩童在數碼世界探索和學習,而無需懼怕數碼威脅。

 System Watcher defends against ransomwares and rollback malicious actions
 Password Manager securely store & syncs your passwords across computers & mobile
 Easy-to-Use Encryption allows you to safely store and transfer sensitive files
 Scheduled, Automatic Backup protects your valuable digital assets
 系統監控功能防護加密勒索軟件並回逆破壞行為
 密碼管理員妥善地儲存及同步你的密碼於電腦及流動裝置
 簡易加密功能讓你安全地儲存和傳送敏感檔案
 定期自動備份保護你貴重的數碼資產

* Some product features might work on specific operating systems only, more details and system requirements are available at www.kaspersky.com.hk.
* 部份功能只支援指定操作系統,詳情及系統需求資料請瀏覽www.kaspersky.com.hk。


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