Kaspersky 卡巴斯基 Anti-Virus 2019 [KAV] 續期版本 1用戶 3 年下載版


HK $235.00

  • 產品型號 : Kaspersky 2019 KAV 1u3y renewal
  • 產品品牌 : Kaspersky
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus

1 User 3 Years HK$235.00
3 Users 3 Years HK$515.00
5 Users 3 Years HK$765.00

Essential Protection for Your PC 基礎電腦防護 Ransomware, viruses, phishing and cyberattacks, etc. can do a lot more than spoil your day. Kaspersky Anti-Virus – with essential protection that defends your PC against the very latest threats. And, if your PC becomes infected, our technologies help you to rescue & reset your PC – so you’re soon up & running again. 勒索軟件、病毒、網絡釣魚及各類攻擊等等對你的危害遠超你的想像。 Kaspersky Anti-Virus為你的電腦提供必須的防護以抵禦新型威脅。如果你的電腦不幸被感染,我們的技術也可協助將你的電腦回復正常,運作重回正軌。  Protection from new and emerging viruses, spyware, trojan & more  System Watcher defends against ransomwares and rollback malicious actions  Anti-Phishing protects your digital identity  Simple to set up and easy to run  防護新興病毒、間諜軟件、木馬程式等等  系統監控功能防護加密勒索軟件並回逆破壞行為  網絡釣魚防護保護個人身份安全  設定簡單容易使用 * System requirement details are available at www.kaspersky.com.hk


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