Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2


HK $488.00

  • 產品型號 : CS600C1
  • 產品品牌 :
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Experience the full power of your iPad® with the Bamboo Fineline 2. This precise and comfortable smart stylus helps you capture and shape your ideas on an iPad – whether you take notes, sketch or doodle.

The fine difference

lnspired by a new idea? Simply write it down with this high-precision stylus. The advanced thin tip with pressure sensing gives you precise control over your iPad whether you write or sketch.

fine difference

Natural and easy

Get the most natural writing experience on your touch screen. The new nib makes writing smoother and quieter than ever for a natural pen and paper feel. And the palm rejection of this iPad stylus is supported by a range of apps. Your palm and fingers touching the screen won’t disturb you anymore.

natural and easy

Works seamlessly with leading apps

Want to capture an idea? Do it with your Bamboo Fineline 2. It's supported by leading note taking apps. Quickly write down or annotate anything you like anywhere you are, send it to a friend and get feedback.

Fineline 2 apps support

Your statement of style

A good pen is a clear sign of style. Let your Bamboo Fineline 2 perfectly underline your personality. Crafted using high-quality materials and combining perfect ergonomics with fine textures in an elegant premium design, it matches your style in every detail.

your statement of style2


Weight (g)

Size (mm)
150cap on top end

10min. diameter

12max. diameter

Pen Nib
1.9 mm thin nib.Solid and responsive tip technology. Exchangeable, see accessories for replacement nibs.

For iPads featuring Bluetooth® Smart technology and iOS 8 or later: iPad Air 2 iPad Air iPad mini 3 iPad mini 2 iPad mini iPad (4th generation) iPad (3rd generation)


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