Conditions of Use

Conditions of Exchanges and Refunds

  1. The following conditions are excluded from this policy and are NOT eligible for any exchanges or refunds :
    • Returning purchased items because of price fluctuations within the market;
    • Special ordered items, display units and special offer products;
    • Purchased items damaged by accident, negligence, abuse or misuse;
    • Purchased items damaged by improper voltage usage;
    • Returning purchased items because of software problems;
    • Registered software products;
    • Accessories and gifts from the purchased items (e.g. adaptor, batteries, etc.);
    • Purchased items with registered warranty;
    • 2C Co. reserves the right to determine the above conditions.
  2. Items that are found defective under non-negligence, may be returned within 14 days from the original date of purchase;
  3. Customer must present the original invoice/receipt, warranty card together with all items (including original packaging) included in the sales purchase;
  4. Merchandise can only be exchanged once;
  5. Refund payment terms :
    • Payments by cash and EPS are refunded by cheque within 7 working days;
    • Payments by credit card are refunded on the same card;
    • Under normal circumstances, online payments are refunded within one month. 2C Co. cannot predict, and exercises NO control over, when the online payment agent and bank process the refunds;
    • Customers are responsible for all the handling fees and shipping fees associated with returning the defective merchandise for exchange or refund.

Exceptions and Limitations of Warranty

The Warranty Service does not cover or be rendered void if :

  1. Damage to product(s) caused by improper installation, operation or maintenance, improper connections with peripherals, electric failure, short circuit, or other related causes;
  2. Loss or deletion of any or part of any programs, data or removable storage media in the product(s);
  3. Consumable parts such as batteries, housing, cover, system case, keyboard, mouse pad, or cables;
  4. The decrease of batteries' power level as time past is the nature of batteries, and will also be affected by working environment, machine condition, and usage;
  5. Any product(s) that has its serial number being removed, altered, defaced or mismatched with the product whether intentionally or not;
  6. LCD panel with surface scratches, liquid leakage, cracks, or more than five dead pixels on the panel;
  7. Product(s) not used or installed in accordance with the manual provided;
  8. 2C Co. has the final decision in determining any disputes arising from these offers.

Other conditions

  1. 2C Co. does not provide installation services for any sold / gifted product. Customer who requires assistance shall contact the manufacturer / distributor directly;
  2. Special-order items must be picked up within 14 days upon arrival, no down-payment refunds would be given if customer fail to pick up the item in time;
  3. 2C Co. is not responsible for typographical errors. 2C Co. reserves the right to cancel any order you have placed if there was a typographical error on the web site concerning the product descriptions, pricing or availability of any item you ordered when you placed the order;
  4. 2C Co. has the final decision in determining any disputes arising from these offers.
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